He must be hoping to take Levi Johnston’s place as biggest jackass boyfriend. We’ll translate his tweet since utter jackass is hard to understand. Kieffer oh-so-chivalrously sold nude pictures of his girlfriend, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans to Radar Online.

The bit of wisdom above was his rationale for doing so.

Jenelle responded and asserts that she didn’t give him permission to sell the photos. She also says she was incapacitated from anesthesia at the time.

Evidently, he’s also holding more over Jenelle’s head.

But it’s all fun and games to him. She had it coming, you see.

He’s also using his gentlemanly ways to score with the ladies.

Smooth way with the ladies, Kieffer. Not that your Twitter bio isn’t super hot and enticing enough.

Stay classy, dude. You can be a Levi Johnston level jackass in no time.