We’ve known this all along, and people are finally taking notice. It’s nice that they are taking notice on our two-month launch anniversary!

The Left is quite upset about it because conservatives dominate on Twitter. It must be some nefarious ruse or some such; dumb old rubes can’t think for themselves.

The New York Times showed how scared they are about this political impact when they ridiculously tried to paint things like the “Julia” mockage and push-back as “crowdsourcing.” Ha! As we said before, crowdsourcing is what they do in order to push false narratives. Twitter happens organically and combats falsities with the truth. We should know; we watch it and report on it.

While the Smarty Pantsers try to scoff at Twitter, and Twitchy, we get results. They prefer that we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Yeah, no. The way to fight false narratives is to combat them and combat them Twitter does. In spades. Even better, Twitter users often do it all with humour.

In the past two months, Twitchy has helped to show the impact that Twitter has on politics and even on policy. Just look at the first narrative Jake Tapper mentions in his article:

Twitter — the next (digital) battleground state. The social media wars are already underway, just check out Twitter foes David Axelrod, of the Obama campaign, and Eric Fehrnstrom, with the Romney campaign. Axelrod tweeted this photo, saying “How loving owners transport their dogs” — a shot at Mitt Romney, who in the 1980s transported his dog Seamus in a carrier strapped to the roof. Fehrnstrom shot back after someone realized that in his memoir Obama wrote about eating dog as a boy. Fehrnstrom re-tweeted Axelrod’s photo with the message: “In hindsight, a chilling photo.” It was a debate hashed out — or hashtagged out — entirely on Twitter.

We were there. And we helped to get the story out there, by highlighting the “digital battle” on Twitter. The way that conservatives took back the narrative on Twitter had Democrats melting down and had Brit Hume asking if payback is a bitch. Nope. It’s a Twitch!

Twitter has, and continues to, push back against the ridiculous and ridiculously offensive “war on women” meme. And the absurd “Obama is super cool” meme.

Twitter pushes back when the media tries to spin horrendous economic numbers in order to aid their prince. It pushes back at the media itself and does the job that it won’t do.

Twitchy helps to make this punch stronger by providing the coverage of Twitter that the media will not. Conservatives being wrongly suspended on Twitter? The media was silent, but Twitchy and Twitter users were not. We not only got the story out there, but we got results.

From breaking news before the mainstream media does to Hilary Rosen to exposing manufactured Media Matters outrage to stopping Color of Change boycotting mobs to exposing media malpractice and the violence-incitement of the Left, Twitter users and Twitchy come to the rescue.

This is the new battleground. And we are ready. We can see November from Twitter.