Oh, the horror. THE HORROR.!/ShadowDogProd/status/199481484279676928

This poor soul clearly has a tin ear.!/emilyndean/status/199503820861095938

Goosebumps! Unless she is confusing goosebumps with skin crawling?

A Twitter user thoughtfully puts the song to video showing occupiers in all their, um, glory.!/IloiloKano/status/199491695061106691

The album “Occupy This Album” drops May 15, 2012. Not content with causing eardrum bleeding for only a short while, this album has 99 “songs” on the digital version and 78 “songs” on the physical version. Oh, the humanity.

Ani DiFranco (evidently she’s still around. Who knew?) embarrasses herself with a track titled “Which Side Are You On?” Not very new tone-y of her. Can’t we all just get along? Sounds sort of like “you are either with us or you are against us”, doesn’t it? We thought that was supposed to be no-no talk!!/KristenHawley/status/199510673301053441

We’ll leave you with some more of her “lyrics.” Fair warning: Prepare for aching sides due to gales of giggles.

Lord knows the free market
Is anything but free
It costs dearly to the planet
And the likes of you and me

I don’t need those money lenders
Suckin’ on my tit
A little socialism
Don’t scare me one bit!

We could do a whole lot worse
Than europe or canada
C’mon mr. president
C’mon congress make the law

The stupid, it burns. She can’t be for real, can she? Oh, wait.

My mother was a feminist
She taught me to see
That the road to ruin is paved
With patriarchy

So, let the way of the women
Guide democracy
From plunder and pollution
Let mother earth be free

Ah, that explains it.