First it was #dontdoublemyrate, now it turns out that President Obama has been pandering to students and campaigning on our dime over $7.00 a month. No, really. $7.00 per month is “too big to fail.”!/AsheSchow/status/199527766457204736

Unbelievable. Well, it would be unbelievable if he wasn’t always so predictably absurd and shameless.

Twitter, of course, is at the ready to combat this nonsense. Yet another false narrative fail for Team Obama.!/AsheSchow/status/199527523275653120!/RBPundit/status/199526721085652992!/RBPundit/status/199527427930722304!/matthewhurtt/status/199525994774798337!/jmac82/status/199528728018157568!/nationalistpig/status/199530415596371968!/groovychristian/status/199529435731468288!/kmorgan24/status/199531956361363456