Indeed. You can follow this important, global-affecting news on Twitter.!/Reuters/status/199112491958140928!/Reuters/status/199105979038695424!/Telegraph/status/199081762805137408

In France, things aren’t looking too hot for Sarkozy and his Socialist challenger appears quite confident, even though his lead has been reported as “narrow.!/IrishJReuters/status/199119139615420416

Opinion polls in the final days showed the Socialist candidate, François Hollande, maintaining a narrow lead over President Nicolas Sarkozy, whose popularity, along that of with other incumbent leaders across Europe, has succumbed to the powerful undertow of unemployment, austerity and looming recession.!/nconstantine/status/199106647493328898!/DesertScene/status/199125606523342848

That’s the ticket for fixing things; Socialism! Sigh. Oh, merde, France! Zut alors! Sacré Bleu!

Greeks and Serbians also head to the polls today.!/simonevans117/status/199122613895823360!/CNN/status/199126622966779905!/NikiKitsantonis/status/199122238413357056!/BalkanInsight/status/199110347741863936

In Serbia, there is a ballot controversy and social media is on the case.!/BalkanInsight/status/199105282062823424

Twitchy will monitor these important elections and update accordingly.


Merde. Times ten.!/nikkibama/status/199187903006523392!/freddoso/status/199188313326882816!/BrandonKiser/status/199188262382878721

UPDATE 2:!/zerohedge/status/199168680662278145

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