Yeah, no. Sorry, media, but contrary to your oh-so-smart opinion people react to things all on their own. They’re funny like that; it’s a little something called thinking for themselves instead of being sheeple.!/RileyRebel129/status/198441800485175296

The New York Times was only right about one thing, even though they couldn’t quite bring themselves to fully admit it; conservatives do dominate on Twitter. Of course, they used the term “attack,” because mean old Rethuglicans! People can’t possibly think that The One isn’t totally dreamy and perfect! It must be an evil plot coordinated by the dastardly!!/jeffemanuel/status/198512120919359488

Exactly. The mocking started immediately as soon as people, you know, saw the ever so creepy “Julia.” The hashtags all sprung up soon after because “Julia” became a running joke. We’d venture to say that most of the people participating in the hashtag did not, nor have they ever, received an email from the RNC.

We know. We reported on it as it happened. Organically.

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Crowdsourcing is what you all do in order to set false narratives or it’s what you do in a desperate attempt to find things that you think will verify the false narratives that you have already set. Palin emails anyone?

Crowdsourcer, heal thyself.

But, it’s nice to know just how scared you all are. Mwahahaha.