As Twitchy reported earlier, Barack Obama’s new ‘composite’ woman is Julia; a slave to the government from cradle to grave.!/toddstarnes/status/198076275896762369

This manufactured woman and her life keep getting curiouser and curiouser, as Twitter users are quick to point out.!/OneFineJay/status/198066250264489984!/GPollowitz/status/198059404283756544

Shaddup and make us some sammiches, Julia. Oh, look! A shiny!!/DLoesch/status/198059406498340865

Only need men in the form of Daddy Government to pay for your birth control, duh. Anyway, surely the government can knock up Julia, since they handle absolutely everything else for the poor little dear. Wow, you’ve come a long way, baby! How empowering.!/baseballcrank/status/198059421501362177

All hail 26-year-old adult children!!/DLoesch/status/198059706277822464!/kentonjacobsen/status/198087695111696384

Don’t confuse Julia, or the President, with reason.!/GPollowitz/status/198060360408895489

Well, no complaints there, right fellas?!/GPollowitz/status/198060538599710723!/TeriChristoph/status/198061036979486721


Punitive shaming if a woman, composite or real, fails to walk in lockstep with the policies that seek to enslave them. Shut up, girls; Big Daddy knows what’s best. He only abuses and enslaves you because he loves you!!/TeriChristoph/status/198067719302676483

Of course! Don’t you know that women’s vaginas are inextricably linked to their thinkies and politics? Women reduced to the sum of their girly parts once again by the Democrats.!/iowahawkblog/status/198062403500519425

Rut roh, Julia. Say hello to the death panels.

Twitter users, including Congressman Griffin (R-AR), try to help Julia out with some of those pesky little things called facts.!/RepTimGriffin/status/198085362621497344!/IowaGOP/status/198087645627285504!/gabrielmalor/status/198087610969767938

In addition to a parody account, there is a Tumblr offering a reality for the composite woman Julia.!/gabrielmalor/status/198083982250876928

And an alternative background for Julia, based on Mr. Composite himself.!/YankInGeorgia/status/198084214019735552

President Obama, like all good little Leftists, uses women as pawns for political gain. They do this in part by striving to keep women as victims. Victims are easily controlled and they are dependent. Dependent on The State, natch. Victims are powerless.

Composite Julia is the latest shameless example. War on women? It’s perpetrated by those who seek to enslave them.