Isn’t she just precious? She’s totally ignoring it, which is why she’s still talking about it four days later.!/OrwellForce/status/196991636578893827

The truth smarts, doesn’t it, Joan? No wonder you aren’t a fan of it. How dare we “slime” you with facts?!

We’re pretty sure one of the reasons that she’s still whining about it four days later is because, no, people did not ignore it. See, people are funny that way. They like being informed of facts. Like the fact that you, Joan, almost single-handedly destroyed the Left’s attempt at faux outrage over Monica Crowley. Kudos, ma’am!

Trying to save face with your fellow travelers now, huh? Only the severely intelligence-deficient will buy it, toots. Like these classy folks.!/DonaldFladjr/status/196992606788534272!/EdgeofSports/status/196993221107253248!/jonhartmannjazz/status/196993722163007488

Yuk, yuk, yuk! How clever. And by clever, we mean super lame and tired.

Here’s a tip: reminding them of your idiocy by pitifully whining and further drawing attention to your dumbassery is not the way to do that. You’re welcome!

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