First the baby talk, now a zoo visit with child-like wonder. Newt is like the Benjamin Button of politicians; reverse aging.!/AndrewNBCNews/status/195884255681843201!/AndrewNBCNews/status/195871666960732163!/AndrewNBCNews/status/195876892006547457

This is the scoop of Andrew’s lifetime. Newt. Zoos. And dinosaurs, baby.!/AndrewNBCNews/status/195881798335606785

Newt Gingrich, the Cliff Clavin of the presidential election cycle. He’d totally make an awesome “smart guy at the bar.” Make it happen, Newt.

And, action!!/AndrewNBCNews/status/195886538645708802!/AndrewNBCNews/status/195887442555965441

Oh, snap!!/BuzzFeedAndrew/status/195885821977567232

Meow, Andrew!

Twitter is amused by Newt’s love of zoos.!/margafret/status/195879975243628545

Yes, please. Gold.!/josh_hammer/status/195888564351926272!/davieseliz/status/195841575102857216!/margafret/status/195879556551417857

There should definitely be a Newt zoo on the moon colony.

Watch out for those dastardly penguins, Speaker.