Because, race. Of course.

By the way, “substance abuser?” Stay classy.!/rolandsmartin/status/195945299603230720

Kind of proving Rush’s point there, dude. You are making everything all about race. Why call out the race of Rush’s producer? Is that a problem for you? Being that he “strayed from the plantation” and all. At least you are staying away from the homophobic tweets this time. Suspension lesson learned, huh, buddy?!/rolandsmartin/status/195945391584329728

Well, racism is certainly in your DNA.!/rolandsmartin/status/195945543497809921

Oh, dear. Honey, the Left plays the race card incessantly. All y’all see is race. Forget content of character, all you see is the color of skin.

And get a life? Who is melting down on Twitter again?!/rolandsmartin/status/195945746338553856

Attention-seeking pot, meet kettle. And of course you have to slam Rush’s audience as non-thinking. Just bitterly clinging rubes, right?!/rolandsmartin/status/195946406740107264!/rolandsmartin/status/195946574122196992!/rolandsmartin/status/195946800463609856

Maybe, unlike you Mr. Martin, Rush doesn’t feed on racial discord nor does he incite racial violence.

Twitter starts to weighs in.!/LilMissRightie/status/195957253893914624!/anthropocon/status/195955716945747969!/jaycaruso/status/195955625732222976!/PolitiCajun/status/195957264329347073