Well, well. It’s okay for someone on the Left to make a joke about people of the same sex marrying, but it’s not okay for a woman on the right to do so? Got it.


Hmm. Curious, indeed!

The Left was once again caught spewing bile at a conservative woman when they took to Twitter to attack Fox News’ Monica Crowley for a joke she made about Sandra Fluke. Enter frantic back-pedaling and plausible deniability pushing. The ever-repugnant Salon editor Joan Walsh tries valiantly.


See? She can do it because she’s all inclusive and stuff. She’s a liberal! They are allowed to be homophobes and sexists and racists. And Monica must be a H8R. Because, Republican.

And what about Al Sharpton? “Punk faggot” is okay, evidently, if Al “blood on his hands” Sharpton says it.


This doesn’t pass the homophobic smell test, Joan. Those who are saying that Monica Crowley used a “slur” as an excuse to spew their hate at her are the ones who are truly homophobic. Because, it’s only a slur if one considers being gay an insult. Hate much, Left?

Twitter agrees.



Also sexist. Like the time President Obama felt the need to telephone Sandra Fluke to soothe her boo-boo feelings. The only thing he left out was a pat on the head.


Another false narrative debunked. Thank you, happy warriors!