The Republican National Committee scored with their latest video that contrasts Mitt Romney’s speech last night with President Obama’s absurd ‘slow jam’ on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The video inspired the hashtag #notfunny and the results are gold. Those “bitter clingers” understand more than you think they do, don’t they President Obama? But, hey, slow jam!!/emzanotti/status/195200536520294400!/bccohan/status/195200317468581889!/BenHowe/status/195199952346025984!/ZacMoffatt/status/195195074613755904

Too bad the “youth vote” to whom he is pandering thinks “slow jams” are oh-so-cool and much more important than, you know, jobs.!/keder/status/195197670644662272!/I_Hate_Hippies/status/195205687645712384!/brady_cremeens/status/195212626849050626!/mtgrove/status/195212219213025280!/brady_cremeens/status/195211990904479744!/NathanWurtzel/status/195211304376598528

Not so amused? Democrat communications director Brad Woodhouse, who is having yet another meltdown. This isn’t the first time high-profile Democrats have melted down on Twitter. You know they are in bad shape when a press secretary and the communications director have hissy fits over hashtags. Perhaps because the Twitter replies are depressingly accurate and insightful?!/woodhouseb/status/195197914925121536

Resorting to lies and scare tactics yet again. And rape victim demagoguery. Standard operating procedure for the morally bankrupt.!/woodhouseb/status/195197710461177857

Lie. Or, to be fair, he’s likely unaware that not everything in the entire world needs government funding in order to function or exist.!/woodhouseb/status/195198295801470977

Something, something, Buffett’s secretary! And stuff.!/woodhouseb/status/195198935218917376

Uh. Don’t even know what he’s trying to say here. Please provide a cuckoo pants to sane translation dictionary.!/woodhouseb/status/195199260160032768

Because, Bush! Drink!

Melanie Roussell, another usual meltdown suspect, looks to be about ready to stomp around in a huff.!/MelanieDNC/status/195198881611522048

Again, lies. She’s spouting the talking points of Sandra Fluke, for cripes sake. Plus, note the sneer quotes around personhood. Pesky “people” getting in the way of our agenda!!/MelanieDNC/status/195199803053977600

Lame and tired class warfare nonsense.

Conservatives on twitter have the last word.!/Ginabeans22/status/195215282208391168!/hale_razor/status/195213598438600704!/NathanWurtzel/status/195211151783641089!/brady_cremeens/status/195210115996069889!/RBPundit/status/195204428888936448!/RBPundit/status/195202121874939904