Owens was beaten so badly that he is still in intensive care in critical condition:

Owens’ sister, Ashley Parker, saw the attack. “It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed.” Parker says 20 people, all African American, attacked her brother on the front porch of his home, using “brass buckles, paint cans and anything they could get their hands on.”

Police will only say “multiple people” are involved.

What Parker says happened next could make the fallout from the brutal beating even worse. As the attackers walked away, leaving Owen bleeding on the ground, Parker says one of them said “Now thats justice for Trayvon.” Trayvon Martin is the unarmed teenager police say was shot and killed February 26 by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman in Samford, Florida.

The #JusticeforTrayvon lynch mobs are moving from just talk on Twitter to horrific action.

This isn’t the first brutally violent attack committed as “payback” for Trayvon Martin and, as Twitchy reported yesterday, the media is complicit due to their race-baiting fan flaming and refusal to correct the record and report the truth on-air.

Press secretary Carney would just say that he knows at least three people named Matthew Owens, so he can’t comment.


Al Sharpton has had blood on his hands for decades, yet is never held accountable.

There is a petition going around; maybe we can shame the MSM into behaving responsibly.

Doubtful, what with Chris Matthews of MSNBC fanning the flames by calling the GOP the ‘Grand Wizard crowd.”

Media malpractice at its deadliest.

Here is your “climate of hate”, media. And you are complicit.

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