Hi, National Organization for Women. Welcome to last month!


N.O.W. even fails at desperate attempts at relevance. Way to be way behind the manufactured outrage curve, ladies!

Of course, perpetual grievance-mongers are still grasping at this pitiful straw woman.


Talk about shameless. Nice demagouging you have there, kiddo.


Bingo. For the women? Nope. For an agenda and sweet, sweet Leftist policy only. Especially if all the “struggle” entails is lame slogans and invented problems and controversies manufactured by Media Matters. Working on real issues that affect everyone, including all women? That’s for boys! Nice empowerment, N.O.W.

On the plus side, maybe N.O.W.’s belated thunder-stealing entry will cause a nice catfight between #enoughrush, #stoprush and #girlcottrush? We can only hope.

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