Politicians always claim to care about issues that people talk about around their kitchen tables. Well, the new-fangled kitchen table is Twitter. And activists on Twitter are the new boots on the ground.

It was done in grand style, to boot. Mitt Romney is starting to grasp the profound effect that Twitter can have not just on campaigns, but on defeating false narratives and Lefty memes.

Exactly. While some Smarter Than You (TM) “serious thinkers” poo-poo the “non-serious, know-nothing wankers” on Twitter, they do so at their own peril. Memes cannot be defeated by nonchalantly brushing them off. They can’t be killed (new tone!) by accepting the premises; once you accept the premise, you’ve lost. They can only be defeated by pushing back and Twitter has shown it is ready, willing and able to do so.

If politicians won’t fight back, people on Twitter will. If the media won’t do its job, Twitter will. No stone under any issue will be left unturned.

Go into the light, politicians! China is doing it. Time for American politicians to embrace it fully instead of cravenly trying to distance yourself lest you look silly. Winning isn’t silly. One would think the “experts” would know that. Evidently not.

Heh. Happy Warriors unite. You’re welcome, GOP.