Otherwise, not so much.


It is especially clueless, coming fresh on the heels of another Romney statement made at a fundraiser on Sunday:

“We are behind when it comes to commentators on TV. They tend to be liberal,” Romney said. “Where we are ahead or even is on twitter and on the Internet.”

Insulting people is not a way to stay ahead on Twitter, toots. Neither is diminishing Fox News when almost all of the mainstream media is carrying Obama’s water. Way to buy into the false Leftist narratives! Media Matters would be so proud.

It seems Mitt Romney has learned nothing from President Obama and his utter failures on Twitter. Tweeps have a few suggestions for Mitt Romney and hopefully he’ll heed them.


A little more thinkies and a little less talkies, Mitt. You do know that whole Etch A Sketch deal can’t really happen, right? There is no Etch A Sketch for Twitter and if you want to “stay ahead” there, let this be a teachable moment for you.

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