The Left just can’t stop denigrating and sexualizing women for getting “too mouthy.” It’s their punishment for straying from the plantation. Plus, girls are scary.!/itsEric/status/192011021970444289

She worked at Hooters — oh, the horror! Sane people everywhere are confused.!/mamaswati/status/191993849512607745!/DonnyFerguson/status/191994838743396352!/brodigan/status/192034311002787841!/AmeliaHammy/status/191996584614047744!/Holocryptic/status/192036327242465280!/baseballcrank/status/191938689834827777

We thought working was good and staying home was bad? So hard to keep up with the liberal rules. Of course, sexiness is unnatural to the Left. Remember: They don’t consider conservative women to be real women. 

And again, girls and their girly bits are super scary.!/crousselle/status/192052780511408128

Evidently, the complaint is that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s communications director, Ciarra Matthews, is pro-life and once worked at Hooters. Egads! Because: Hypocrisy or something! Ms. Matthews answered best herself when she said: “Is there a hypocritical angle here that I’m not aware of? Is Hooters performing abortions?”

Nope. It’s just your typical denigration of women by the Left, encouraged by biased media outlets like The Capital Times and “feminist” sites like Jezebel.!/LachlanMarkay/status/191991679253876736

Shut up or we’ll try to shame you, conservative women.

Respect and empowerment? To the Left, conservative women need not apply. War on women, indeed.

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