Twitter is loving them some Reince Priebus today. When the Chairman of the Republican National Committee tweeted the above earlier, who knew it would result in this epic smack-down?!/JimmyBollocks/status/190108784662806531

Mr. Priebus says he’s not walking back and is doubling down, calling the Democrat and media-manufactured war on women what it is: Fiction.!/dohlink/status/190102353263869953

He correctly says the real war on women is being perpetrated by President Obama, who has put our economy on the wrong track. Twitter, including actor Adam Baldwin, is cheering him on.!/VickiMcKenna/status/190127404646277120!/gopfirecracker/status/190127349763813377!/adamsbaldwin/status/190132883917250560!/Txsleuth/status/190134342813626368

More of this, please! Truth to power, baby.