First of all: “Girlcott?” What are they, 10-year-olds? Waiting for #girlsruleboysdrool next. Secondly, she’s right. Conservative women haven’t experienced anything similar; they’ve experienced far worse. editor and kick-ass conservative female Dana Loesch calls her out on that in fine style.

Of course, when one is merely spouting the spoon-fed lines of the Left (the acceptable Patriarchy), consistency, honesty, and thinking for oneself is not an option.

Hate speech! The word “slut” is now hate speech, evidently. And what is the “Fluke Treatment?” Is that anything like a Lewinsky, we wonder?

To girlcotters, serial sexual harassing is not hate speech-y and is hunky-dory as long as you get some sweet “progressive” policy out of it. In fact, women were encouraged to break out White House kneepads for President Clinton.

Terrorized!? A word used as a junior high taunt is now terrorism.

No worries, ladies. #girlcottrush is on the case and is fighting for women everywhere. Unless, of course, it involves actually knowing things. Or even googling; that’s too tiresome.

Reading and thinking are hard.

But, hey, they have the important stuff down.

Yeah, good luck with the slacktivism, #girlcottRush. Maybe Media Matters will feed you some faux outrage to propagate. In the meantime, leave the real work to the ladies who can think for themselves and who are fighting the real war on women.