No. No. No.

After their infamous debacle with Colombian call girls and the exposure of a “wheels up, rings off” culture within the Secret Service, you would have thought that the president’s bodyguards would have cleaned up their act. If television chef Anthony Bourdain is right, however, they haven’t learned to mend their hard-partying ways.

Reaction to Bourdain’s claim was swift and filled with mockery.

Twitchy is very skeptical about the accuracy of Bourdain’s tweet, which could (and probably should) be read as joke. The odds of Secret Service agents using foreign-owned rental phones seem astronomically low. The use of non-secure communications would constitute a clear security threat to the president and his delegation.

Bourdain needs to clear the air around his tweet. Was it meant as a joke, or did he actually rent a phone with text messages on them? If so, why did he surmise that the texts were from Secret Service agents?

If the tweet was a joke, then it’s no big deal. If he’s telling the truth, however, then he’s exposed easily exploitable security breaches that threaten the safety of the president of the United States, and heads should roll at the Secret Service.