Media geek fight!

Is Shepard Smith jealous of Piers Morgan’s “big scoop” interview with Casey Anthony? That’s quite a stretch.

Smith tore into Morgan this afternoon for hyping an interview that finally put to rest rumors about Anthony’s ballooning weight. Seriously, her weight.

The Huffington Post has the story, including video of Smith ripping Morgan a new one:

Smith said that Morgan reported that Anthony said she’s “gone through hell,” and that rumors that she gained weight are false.

“Scoop: ‘This is CNN Breaking News: Casey Anthony Has Not Gained Weight!'” he cried. “You’ve come a long way, CNN.”

Smith seemed to mock the interview further and said, “Casey’s lawyer says that she works out all the time and that she’s reading the book ‘The Hunger Games.'”

Others joined Smith in mocking and knocking Morgan.