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Lego scraps plan to make bricks from recycled plastic, and the reason is TOO FUNNY

(RADiUS via AP)

As we are all annoyingly familiar with, the push to 'go green' in every aspect of our lives has been massive in recent years, but it seems that the 'green' activists know very little about what it takes to actually 'go green.' Lego is finding this out the hard way and it's too frickin' funny.


Hmm, it's almost as if the process to recycle plastic is not a green process. It requires a great deal of energy to do this.

Not the Bee, the more serious side of The Babylon Bee, covered the story and quoted Lego's Head of Sustainability:

"It's like trying to make a bike out of wood rather than steel," said Tim Brooks, Lego's head of sustainability.

The "level of disruption to the manufacturing environment was such that we needed to change everything in our factories" to scale up recycled PET use, he said. "After all that, the carbon footprint would have been higher. It was disappointing."

Instead, they're just going to shell out $3 BILLION dollars per year on 'sustainability', whatever the heck that means. Basically, they're caving to the 'carbon tax'.

Just wait until these people find out how the rare earth minerals that make the batteries for EVs (electric vehicles, just in case someone out there is unfamiiar with the abbreviated term) are mined. They're going to destroy the planet in their efforts to save it. How's that for irony?


We love that this guy called them out on the lie that this extra cost WON'T be passed on to consumers, because it's truly a deliberate lie. Those costs are ALWAYS passed down to the consumer, otherwise they couldn't stay in business. It would make their business model, get this, UNSUSTAINABLE. One has to bring in more revenue than is going out in order to stay afloat.

Yeah, those kits can get pretty pricey.

Thank God for parents like this that still teach their children things that they would ACTUALLY need to know instead of trying to remember the endless number of genders and pronouns. Those kids will be okay in life.


See, we COULD be teaching things that will help them be successful in life, like architecture and engineering rather than Democrta's preferred ideologies, but that doesn't appear to be a future that the Left and the Democrats are aiming for. No, that would be entirely too sane, now wouldn't it?


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