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PragerU asks, 'What causes entitlement', and the responses are SPOT ON


PragerU is once again asking the relevant questions, this time it's, 'What causes entitlement,' and the replies restore our faith in our society. 

Sanity still lives!


It's such a simple question, yet a very necessary one these days. We have an epidemic of younger generations feeling an unearned and unwarranted sense of entitlement toward just about every aspect of their lives, and the causes of this are multifaceted.

This writer believes this is probably the best answer to that question, and it's because too many parents share the unwarranted sense of entitlement that their children are exhibiting. Kids learn their behaviors from somewhere, and it's mostly at home. Let's take a look at some of the other answers provided.

Democrats know this one VERY well, why do you think their platform consists of free everything? They know how appealing that particular carrot is when dangled in front of the donkey. (Pun fully intended.)


Of course, there were the usual handful of lefties chiming in. But don't worry, they missed the mark as they always do. It IS a day that ends in 'Y', after all.

L.O.L. Darlin, you got that one backward. In a capitalist society, one has to work for and earn what they want. Under communism, as the user name indicates, those who do not work and refuse to work get the fruits of the labor of others. That is an economic system that fails, in part, because it flies in the face of human nature. No one wants to work to support those who do nothing. Communism/Socialism are systems entirely based on a sense of entitlement for something you didn't earn.

Back to the land of reason and sanity! Telling these people that they're wrong is now akin to hate speech, which essentially just means any speech that they hate.


HA! Where is the lie, though?


If that doesn't perfectly sum up our political culture in America, we don't know what does. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are guilty of this. They seem to believe throwing money at a problem fixes that problem. It's a Band-Aid on a bullet wound, but the culture of entitlement now INSISTS on perpetuating this. And why not, it's much easier than actually addressing the problem head-on, and that's another symptom of Entitlement Culture. Ignore the issue and just hope it resolves itself on its own. Cross those fingers, kiddos, it's totally been working!


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