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Charlotte Clymer manufactures controversy to sidestep dress code issue and it's just WEIRD


For those who aren't familiar with 'Charlotte', he is a straight man who identifies as a woman and a lesbian, and he has some bizarre thoughts on most issues, but now it's the congressional dress code standards and ... abortion access? Yeah, we know, it was weird for us, too. We don't see the connection. See if you can make sense of this post:


Let's just get this out of the way. Women and girls are not dying here in the U.S. because abortion is tightly restricted in some states. It simply isn't happening. So that would be why the media isn't covering it and is instead focusing on something that is ACTUALLY going on. Now we just need to figure out why he's bringing this up at all. The only logical explanation is that it's a deflection tactic to avoid the reality that we have Bigfoot's drunk cousin as a sitting senator right now who apparently cannot bear wearing shirts with buttons and actual pants.

EXACTLY. This is a 'problem' that has been entirely manufactured and fabricated by the Left. It's quite literally fear-mongering propaganda.

There is obviously no shortage of woke sycophants who came to Clymer's aid, it's just that they're as ignorant of reality as he is. In NO STATE is treating an incomplete miscarriage medically or legally classified as an 'induced abortion'. Here is how the CDC defines 'induced abortion':


For the purpose of surveillance, a legal induced abortion is defined as an intervention performed by a licensed clinician (e.g., a physician, nurse-midwife, nurse practitioner, physician assistant) within the limits of state regulations, that is intended to terminate a suspected or known ongoing intrauterine pregnancy and that does not result in a live birth. Most states and reporting areas that collect abortion data report if an abortion was medical or surgical. Medical abortions are legal procedures that use medications instead of surgery.

A miscarriage is clinically labeled as a 'spontaneous abortion'. Once this occurs, the pregnancy is no longer 'ongoing'. In the event of a miscarriage, the abortion has already occurred naturally, and we do not treat spontaneous abortions with induced abortions. There is no state that prevents treating this condition. Not one. Sorry, Betsy. 

It's worth pondering, 'Charlotte'. But critically thinking about one's own stances and views is not the Left's strong suit.

Ain't that the truth?? Why does anyone continue to listen to these people?


Silly! The rules clearly don't apply to THEM! Only to us lesser people. Which is essentially anyone who disagrees with their worldview.

Blowing smoke is literally the Left's most effective game plan because it WORKS. Well, not on rational people, but they gotta start somewhere, right?

Let's totally focus on this issue that isn't actually an issue rather than addressing the very real problem of the cognitive issues that members of our highest offices are exhibiting. Seems like a totally rational plan, right? RIGHT??


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