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Rumble responds to U.K. Parliament's letter to their CEO about Russell Brand and it's a thing of BEAUTY


Rumble, standing firm on their dedication to free speech, found themselves on the receiving end of a right proper scolding from the U.K. Parliament for not barring Russel Brand from their platform. Brand is currently being tried in the court of public opinion by the media for alleged rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse. It is important to note, however, that as of this writing, these are accusations. Serious accusations but nothing has been proven in a court of law as of yet. 


Read the letter here:

In a nutshell, Parliament is seeking to not only disrupt Brand's potential ability to monetize his content on Rumble but to prevent him from being able to speak on his own behalf in the public sphere at all, and all before he has his day in court. 

Here is Rumble's response, and it's PERFECT.

That is how you handle the woke scolds! It is past time to stop bending a knee to the rage mobs. Just let them be angry, that's what makes them happiest. These people wouldn't know what to do if they didn't feel a constant sense of anger and righteous (in their own minds, anyway) indignation.

Shoot, so did we, Mr. Cain!


THANK YOU! The only way this madness ends is with mass non-compliance. Learn to let them sit there and bask in their anger by themselves. Let their little echo chambers comfort them.

We wouldn't put it past them. 

Now, we know we are not a pure democracy, but they make a good point here. For the same group of people who are constantly screeching to 'SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY', they sure seem to be in a hurry to tear down the very foundations of what makes democracy work.

The CEO himself even weighed in. 


Content creators everywhere stand with you, Chris.


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