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BOOM! In one epic tweet, Dana Loesch backs House Republicans ATF proposal


Earlier, we told you about the White House scare mongering Americans regarding the Republican desire to shutdown the ATF. One conservative commentator is 100 percent behind the call to banish the agency.


Welp, that pretty much sums it up.

Let's get it started!

It would be a great question to ask on the debate stage later this week. Let's see what candidates would back the move.


This should also be very high on the list of priorities.

Lots of ways to save money in one little tweet.

How about we extremely rid the government of wasteful agencies, instead?

This is sounding better and better.

Not a bad idea! Throw them all out the window and if we miss them after a year, we can ease them back in.

Actually, Dana 'showed up' supporting the rights of Americans to own guns, and for those who have them and should not, we have local police enforcement to handle those instances.


Apparently, supporters of gun grabbing think criminals won't have guns if citizens give up their guns. That's not how criminals work.

Nice try pulling the race card, but if you have ever listened to Dana, she believes ALL people should have access to personal protection. The Second Amendment is for all Americans.

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