President Obama’s announcement today that he will be violating U.S. law and unilaterally granting amnesty to illegal immigrants prompted quite a reaction, but the response to Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro’s decision to (gasp!) ask a question during the president’s speech was even bigger. When lefties who cheered on the Iraqi shoe thrower, Helen Thomas, and other public disrespecters of the previous administration reacted to Munro’s interruption as though it was the most offensive act of the century, conservatives took note of the double standard and quickly called liberals out for it. The result was a hilarious — and true! — series of tweets using the hashtag #YouMightBeALiberal.

Yes, that actually happened.

Of course, no list of liberal double standards is complete without at least making some reference to the differences between the rules that liberal leaders establish for themselves and those they foist upon the little people under their authority:

It looks like @WadeS7 is talking about you, Nanny Bloomberg.

And, of course, there’s the endless sense of entitlement that is all too prevalent within the modern left:

The left is cognitive dissonance on parade. Forward, march!