The Obama campaign has a remarkable penchant for attacking its rivals in precisely the wrong areas. Whether it’s underdelivering on big promises, adding to the public debt, or dealing with unemployment and job creation, Obama and the DNC constantly seem to be going after the speck in their opponents’ eyes while ignoring the logs in their own.

Now, the president who claimed just last week that the U.S. economy’s private sector is “doing just fine” is trying to paint his opponent as being “out of touch” with the American people. Such a claim was bound to be noticed and forcefully responded to.

Folks were quick to note other ways in which the 100-rounds-of-golf president is out of touch with the American people, including flying his personal barber from Chicago to Washington, D.C., twice monthly for haircuts, hobnobbing with celebrities at an endless parade of fundraisers, and enjoying one luxury vacation after another:

Once again, the Obama campaign is trying to go after its adversary in an area of its own weakness, and once again, it isn’t working.