It’s been six week since Andrew Breitbart, conservative hero and new media pioneer, passed away suddenly. The New York Times finally caught up with the news long enough to write an insulting obituary that hit all the common, and often completely incorrect, left-wing tropes about Breitbart in a piece this weekend. Ed Driscoll did the hard work of reading the Times article and pointing out just how bad it was in a beautifully-titled piece of his own.

We realize that conservatives, especially those who push back against the persistent bias of the mainstream media, will not get a fair shake from those they criticize. Today provides just another reminder that the right, especially the grassroots right, has a very long way to go to get a fair shake from the allegedly objective media.

More reaction, and commentary, from around Twitter.!/ellencarmichael/status/191617588697108480!/em37x/status/191558494355341312!/Flyingright1/status/191553927387426816!/BigJournalism/status/191598452491296769

UPDATE: The author of the Times piece, David Carr, responded to some of the criticism he received on Twitter with a little Breitbart maneuver of his own.!/carr2n/status/191533788461924353

Here are some of the “slams” he re-tweeted.!/dave_danner/status/191555852287750144!/founding_ideals/status/191551540237053952!/jtLOL/status/191550698628980737!/founding_ideals/status/191549047096606721!/dongabriel/status/191542885299130368

Wait…that’s not a slam! Well, maybe that one slipped past the “layers and layers” of editing for which today’s media are famous.!/dave_danner/status/191561046065025024!/keithbarry1959/status/191561036556541952!/keithbarry1959/status/191560280952676353!/keithbarry1959/status/191573406750212096

Have you noticed that none of the posts critical of Carr’s piece used profanity, wished death upon him, threatened his family or livelihood, or accused him of being gay (a very popular accusation about Breitbart from his Twitter critics)? We didn’t cherry-pick these comments to give you the most reasonable-sounding ones. Take note for next time the right-wing is accused of being hyper-violent and homophobic.

One last exchange is worth a mention here. In the article linked in Bill Kristol’s tweet, he suggested that Carr’s use of “for ill” were inserted by his editors. Apparently, that was all on Carr.!/gdnickel/status/191582675654557699!/carr2n/status/191583465576218625