Protesters gathered in Red Square earlier today in opposition to the Putin government. The protest movement has been ongoing since the elections in March, which the opposition claims were fraudulent. The claims go back at least as far as the end of last year, when tens of thousands took to the Moscow streets after videos of alleged election fraud hit the internet.

Today’s protests were peaceful and, surprisingly, uneventful. The only arrests came when a few of the several hundred tried to pitch a tent by the walls of the Kremlin.

Oleg Koslovsky, who describes himself as a “Russian civil activist in his Twitter profile, broadcast several pictures from the protest, which at one point took the form of a great circle dance. The Facebook flag is a nod to the social media platform where protestors organized today’s actions (so relax, Facebook isn’t large enough to form its own country…yet).!/kozlovsky_en/status/188948703543967744!/kozlovsky_en/status/189007207965265920!/FurciferAngeli/status/188973021409710081!/IFAXnews/status/188941511432482816!/RussiaNow/status/189021054256152578