As a certain famed blogger might say on another website, “It’s come to this…”. Rick Santorum, a pretty fair bowler unlike a certain President we’ve come to know and set up gutter bumpers for, hit the lanes on a campaign stop in Wisconsin when one of the Young Republicans with whom he was bowling committed a bit of a faux pas. The young man picked up a pink bowling ball, when Santorum stopped him.

Of course, the teasing on Twitter was pretty brutal.!/mattheartspade/status/185106634887012352!/truthwinsout/status/185122343427899392!/benhas19voices/status/185409385554649088!/huffpostgay/status/185407718184599552

Is the teasing fair? Well, sure, a bit. The color of a bowling ball isn’t terribly important. If a kid wants to use a pink bowling ball, the worst we can say is that he has horrible taste in bowling ball colors or maybe that he’s a horrible racist oppressor for not using the black bowling ball to knock down the oppressive white pins. Hey, wait a minute! Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Spike Lee on this? Clearly, Rick Santorum has taken a brave stance to set one young man straight, so to speak, on race relations vis-à-vis ball and pin colors, in the sport of bowling. Shouldn’t be get some sort of supportive march?

We kid, we kid.

Let’s not read too much into Santorum’s distaste for pink bowling balls. Bowling has a pretty solid blue-collar tradition and the jet black ball and white pins are a big part of that. Bowling balls are black, baseballs are white, footballs are brown, because those are the traditions on those sports and why mess with a tradition when it works?

More highlights from Santorum’s WI stop, along with a challenge from him to Mitt Romney.!/samyoungman/status/185067970094039040!/samyoungman/status/185063012053434368!/samyoungman/status/185060441637134337