Again, Georgetown University finds itself in the news, and not in a particularly good way. Its men’s basketball team, ranked 3 in the Midwest bracket, dropped a big lead and got bounced by the upstart N.C. State Wolfpack.

The Hoyas have not exactly played the role of Beast of the East in recent years. In fact, they’ve proved themselves pretty easy meat for a hungrier squad looking to fill up on confidence.!/D1scourse/status/181449626778484736!/D1scourse/status/181450539282870272

And while I’m deep in the food-based comparisons (Hey, I missed lunch!), let’s also note that the Hoyas like to serve up their worst performances on the same day every year.!/GtownVoice/status/181449745481474049

On the other hand, Wolfpack coach Mark Gottfried may be the happiest man in college basketball today, as his tip jar is overflowing thanks to the ‘Pack’s great end of the year run.!/darrenrovell/status/181449528132648961

Will he order up another win? His team faces the second-ranked Kansas Jayhaws, a team many bracketologists have picked for a Final Four spot, but this has become the year in which Cinderellas race around the brackets like car-hops on jet-powered roller skates, so they at least have a chance. Tun in Thursday to find out how they do!