In the wake of NBC’s Brian Williams exposing himself as a fraud, the lefty wing propaganda merchants felt they needed to take a scalp of their own. Falsely assuming that Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly is some sort of conservative icon, the snively David Corn from the leftist magazine Mother Jones went digging for something he could use to show that O’Reilly was just like Williams.

Corn did his best “Nathan Thurm” impression on the Hugh Hewitt show, threatening constantly to hang up on the interview.

After O’Reilly aired evidence in his favor on his Monday show, Corn was quick to respond.

Then, despite coming after him with everything he has, David Corn attacked O’Reilly for threatening to do the same to reporters who report on him “inappropriately.”

Corn may or may not have personal motives for attacking Fox News, but either way, so far nothing he’s tried to pin on O’Reilly comes close to Williams’ lying about being in a helicopter that was hit by enemy fire seeing dead bodies floating in a high and dry French Quarter. In the end probably no one really cares except Corn who is tenaciously clinging to the story like a hungry weasel with a pork chop.



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