The “smartest thinkers” over at Vox think that if allowing legal adults to exercise their natural right to self defense does not eliminate sexual assault entirely, then that natural right should be denied to them.

Of course, allowing women to carry firearms on campus—as opposed to drawing arbitrary “gun free” zones where only criminals can carry guns—won’t eliminate sexual assault. Knowing that women may be armed and prepared to defend themselves might make predators think twice though.

“Gun free” zones are only places where the criminals know the victims are all “gun free.”

Because that happens everywhere that people are legally allowed to carry guns, right? Oh wait, no, it doesn’t. That’s a demonstrably absurd idea.

Sadly, Max’s tweet is about as well thought out as the attached article. Libby Nelson takes the typical left wing stance that people are only statistics, neglecting entirely the notion that individuals have a right to self defense that exists independently from the campus sexual assault “issue.”

She conjectures that because many sexual assaults take place without physical force a potentially armed victim won’t be a deterrent. She then absurdly asserts that allowing women the right to choose to carry a gun for self defense somehow “devalues” the assaults a gun may not have stopped.

Sexual predators need jobs maybe.

Denying women their rights because allowing them to exercise them is not a panacea? That’s pretty offensive.



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