Don’t hold your breath. Far left lunatics have no understanding of logic, proportion or consistency. Independent journalist Rania Khalek (Twitter bio: “Objectivity is bullshit.”) has issues with President Obama’s “Countering Violent Extremism” summit.

Clearly they made every effort not to do that, but in the end violent extremism—as opposed to just plain violence— is almost exclusively a muslim problem around the world. Where it’s not, it’s likely a reaction to Muslim extremists.

Sure, people getting hurt or killed while resisting arrest is almost exactly the same thing as suicide bombings, beheadings, and burning people alive in a cage.

“Extremism” implies an agenda is at work. Lumping violent criminals acting alone in with “extremists” is illogical and clearly a lame attempt to deflect some attention from the genocidal death cult rampaging across entire countries in the middle east committing atrocities and inspiring true believers to kill in other parts of the world.

So much for not singling anyone out. How many mass beheadings has the ADL participated in again?



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