Matt Ford’s drooling hagiography of Jon Stewart is truly a thing to behold.

The idea that what Jon Stewart and his team did was journalism always rankled some journalists, but that’s exactly what it was. At its most fundamental level, the purpose of journalism in a democracy is to build a more informed citizenry. For many Americans, especially younger ones, Stewart fulfilled that task. And it seems to be a duty his successors are eager to take up: As he began his new season last week, John Oliver expanded the Last Week Tonight staff not by adding more comedy writers, but by hiring investigative journalists.

The arrogant leftist tendency to equate “informed” with “whatever I believe” is alive and well at The Atlantic. The entire piece celebrates the notion of one sided (leftist) “journalism.” When Ford wistfully wonders if Jon Stewart might follow the path of Al Franken into the Senate, it becomes clear how much the left really craves “leaders”  whose chief skills are mugging for a camera while reading words other people wrote them. It’s little wonder they love President Teleprompter so much.

Unless you’re a hyperpartisan who equates indoctrination with being informed.


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