The National Republican Congressional Committee made an embarrassingly bad attempt at youth and/or urban outreach today.

Come on, let’s face it. Nothing looks less cool than someone who isn’t cool trying to fake being cool.

It’s hip to be square. Embrace your uncoolness.  Sometimes hipness is what it ain’t.


On fleek? Seriously? What does that even mean in this context? What does it add to a point you’re trying to make about the budget? For that matter, just pointing out how many billions of widgets you could buy isn’t going to resonate with many people anyway. Some people were interpreting it as if the NRCC meant that we could buy all these eyebrow waxings if not for the government spending that money on other things.

The response speaks for itself. The NRCC ought to consider hiring some of these people.

Overshot? Or shot themselves in the foot?

Now that actually should have been the meme. Self deprecation is a lot more endearing than being a condescending poser.

It’s also funnier.