That people have some strong feelings about Common Core educational standards and testing is not news, but some school districts are openly defying parents’ who exercise their prerogative not to have their children tested. Cindy Stickline-Rose instructed her son Ben’s school not to subject him to the testing but they did it anyway. Michelle Malkin reported:

In Maryland, a mom of a 9-year-old special needs student is suing her Frederick County school district to assert her parental prerogative. Cindy Rose writes that her school district “says the law requires our children be tested, but could not point to a specific law or regulation” forcing her child to take Common Core-tied tests.

Rose’s lawsuit has revealed that despite statements to the contrary, there is no documentation to prove any “local” involvement in developing the Common Core standards in Maryland.

You can help Cindy Stickline-Rose with the legal expenses involved in suing Frederick County Public Schools through her GoFundMe page.


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