At least we know that people who support partial-birth late term abortions can be horrified by something (other than living babies).

Yes, it’s unsettling.

Pigs, the Times reports, are birthing 14 piglets instead eight, cows are giving birth to two calves instead of one, and lambs are birthing babies that have hair instead of fur. The piglets being born are so weak, and the mothers are so large, that piglets are routinely being crushed by their mothers.

You should try boning up on a guy named Kermit Gosnell sometime.

Of course real animal cruelty is something we should condemn but what about when it comes to human beings?

National Review Online’s Eliana Johnson addressed the question in NARAL’s Guy:

To be sure, Booker doesn’t need much encouragement from NARAL. He opposes parental-consent laws for minors, which he has said may constitute an “undue burden.” He opposes the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, passed by bipartisan congressional majorities in 2003 and later upheld by the Supreme Court — though, curiously, in Friday’s debate with his Republican opponent Steve Lonegan, he said that he supports the federal abortion laws currently on the books. He is a proponent of taxpayer funding for abortions in nearly all instances.

Booker supports both the atrocity of late term abortion AND the taxpayer funding of same.

Maybe if we convince Booker that abortion hurts piglets…


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