Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted this and we’re betting he didn’t even feel the tiniest prickle of cognitive dissonance.

We dream of a world where more people have the common sense to laugh at Neil deGrasse Tyson’s smug lack of self awareness.

Nope. He doesn’t even have the first clue.

Predictably, the irony was lost on Tyson’s cult of head-nodders who eagerly took his hypocrisy as a validation of their own self-ignorance.

With more unicorns and leprechauns! Hurray.

Like the fear of imaginary catastrophes resulting from sketchy speculation about global warming?

The stupidity of the smart set never ceases to amaze.

Stop that. The pure objectivity of the science man makes values obsolete.

Science shaped by experiment and the scientific method rather than media hysteria and anti-capitalist politics?

Yes please.

(hat tip @thekelliejane)



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