Twitchy reported on Shannon Watts lamenting the arrest of a moron who tackled and choked a 62 year old man because he saw the man’s firearm, for which he had a concealed carry permit  Gun-grabber Shannon Watts fires off what may be her dumbest tweet ever.

Since then video has been made public of the wannabe vigilante Michael Foster tackling Clarence Daniels and nearly taking down several children in the process. Foster told no one at the Walmart of his concern and he did not call 911.

Shannon Watts has started walking back her comments and accusing people of being “trolls” for being critical.

Watts’ 30k statistic is intentionally misleading because the vast majority of those gun deaths are suicides, not 62 year old men legally carrying in Walmart while shopping for coffee creamer. It’s far more likely that hysterical anti-second amendment zealots create more fear than actual shootings have. It will be interesting to find out if Michael Foster has any affiliations with Watts or other anti-gun groups.

Um. We do?

In reality she just wants you to be afraid so you’ll relinquish your rights willingly.

She has armed security to protect her.



Gun-grabber Shannon Watts fires off what may be her dumbest tweet ever.

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