You may remember Colorado State Representative Joe Salazar from the brave stand he took to protect rapists from women with concealed carry permits.

Rep. Joe Salazar: Give women whistles, not guns; ‘You may actually not be’ at risk of rape; Update: Salazar apologizes ‘if’ he offended anyone

Joe is back disparaging women again—it’s ok though, he’s a Democrat.

This time he took a juvenile shot on Twitter at Senator Joni Ernst and her GOP response to President Obama’s State of the Union.

It’s sad when you think about it. And not just the part about a grown man using the phrase “Bustin’ out the craycray.”

The man shot his political career in the foot by arguing that women shouldn’t be trusted with guns. Now he’s trying to make fun of a newly elected woman Senator who is also a combat veteran.

Now THAT is really saying something.