It looks as if Alec Baldwin is sticking up for his left wing buddies who were challenged by “Lois and Clark” actor Dean Cain.

Ok, so let’s try to dissect Alec’s tortured reasoning here.

  1. Left wing buffoon Michael Moore—who didn’t serve in the military calls Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle a coward.
  2. Slacker movie mainstay Seth Rogen compares Chris Kyle biopic to Nazi propaganda.
  3. Dean Cain calls out Moore and Rogen on Twitter.
  4. Alec Baldwin demands to know Cain’s military credentials, presumably because he thinks they’re a prerequisite for standing up to idiots like Moore and Rogen.

Maybe stick to beating up photographers, Alec. Logic isn’t your strong suit.

And Michael Moore is most certainly not. Neither is Seth Rogen.