The left has an overwhelming need to portray Islamic terrorism as just one brand of what all those crazy religious people do. They constantly try to shoehorn relatively rare violent acts done in the name of a non-muslim ideology into the same category as a global jihadist movement bent on world domination. All the while they try to portray every Islamic attack as just an isolated “lone wolf” incident unrelated to the “religion of peace.”

A case in point, Canadian author and blogger Kelly Oxford:

Ok, sure, let’s do that.

She probably also thinks it would be really cool if Christians actually were “attacking” abortion clinics, so that her tweet would make a lick of sense to anyone other than brain-dead, leftist, moral-equivalence junkies.

You wouldn’t need to ask. Why only “white” Christians though?

Seriously, dude? You need professional help then, because there probably hasn’t been an abortion clinic bombing since you were in diapers.

I wonder if she has one of these on her car.


See how this works? Protesting is the same as “attacking.” When you consider that the protesting mostly consists of praying, the utter lunacy of equating Christians with people who murder over unflattering cartoons becomes apparent to anyone who isn’t willfully ignorant.

What should we call terrorists who target innocent straw men?

We’re sure she’s waiting breathlessly to hear what you have to say, especially if it’s normally as insightful as that.

Facts, reason, proportion … none of it matters when the goal is deluding oneself. There are usually a few intrepid souls who will attempt to enlighten these beings of pure emotion with a dose of reality. It doesn’t usually help though.