Twitchy favorite David Burge (aka @Iowahawkblog) just has a knack for being pithy. There are few in the Twitterverse who can sum up an issue in 140 characters with equal wit and humor. Here are ten of Iowahawk’s best ‘summed it up’ moments from 2014.

For the win! Iowahawk has the key to fixing unemployment


Paul Revere, a lap dancer and the TSA: Obama’s NSA speech gets the Iowahawk treatment


Iran executes two for homosexuality; Iowahawk wonders why ‘U.S. wedding cake activists’ silent


‘Best tweet ever’: Iowahawk slams Obama with revealing comparison


Vox throws ‘hanging curveball’ about IRS funding; Iowahawk hilariously hits it out of the park


‘Are you guys okay?’ MSNBC reports on ‘Bridgegate’ investigation wash-out (with bonus Iowahawk snark)


Iowahawk asks ‘serious question’ about Joe Biden, makes pretty good point


‘Because feminism!’ Iowahawk points out some ‘war on women’ news ‘you won’t read about’


‘Traitors.’ Iowahawk nails ‘the real scandal in Gruber’s remarks’


‘Try a new lie’: Salon’s birth control scare tactics grow tiresome; Iowahawk zings


We can’t wait to see what he comes up with in 2015.


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