It’s really not so much about defending a film which no one was seen but about standing up to a brutal communist dictator threatening violence over a movie that lampoons him. But come clean, Jamilah. Your concern isn’t about Americans being put at risk.

They say when the only tool you have is a hammer every problem starts to look like a nail. Likewise, when the only thing you care about is race, everything becomes about race.  Sony Pictures’ “The Interview” is just another example of “white privilege.”

First of all, a movie about killing a DEAD head of state wouldn’t make a great deal of sense. Second making this about race is utterly ludicrous. All accounts indicate a movie lampooning international espionage along the lines of Cold War comedies like “Spies Like Us.”

Apparently a lot of tweeters are trapped in the racism bubble with Jamilah.

Oh no, the murderous dictator of one of the most repressive countries on the planet might feel bad because of a joke made at his expense.

So it’s deplorable to make a farcical movie about assassinating an evil man but it’s ok to use a racial epithet about the guy who doesn’t understand what’s so deplorable about it. Got it.

So George W. Bush is worse than Kim Jung Un. Got it.

Ummm. Then why is a Bush assassination movie a good thing and a Kim Jong Un assassination movie a bad thing?



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