As if he thought we didn’t already know, “24” actor and known jackass James Morrison once again outs himself as a pompous left wing fool.

He is fairly adept at cramming a lot of dumb into 14o characters though.

We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s riffing on Sony Pictures caving to North Korean threats with regard to “The Interview.”  Morrison makes some pretty asinine assumptions.

First, asking “how we’d feel” as a comparison assumes that 1) the North Korean people would even be allowed to view the film (tough to do without electricity—or freedom) and 2) they would feel similarly about someone assassinating their nation’s leader. Leftists have such an affinity for false moral equivalents. If only they had the same hatred for brutal communist regimes as they have for American conservatives.

Second, he seems to think that Sony Pictures making a comedy lampooning the elimination of an evil dictator is analogous to “insurgents” by which we can only assume he means “conservatives” doing the same with regard to our President.

Third, he says that this very thing has actually been happening for the last six years. The man is clearly hallucinating. Did we miss the tea party movie about ‘eliminating’ Barack Obama?

And that film won awards.

Project much, Jimbo? Or are you just obsessed with getting coverage on Twitchy?



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