The writers at Ebony don’t seem too happy that actress Stacey Dash was one of Google’s Top-Trending Black Actresses of 2014. They couldn’t just acknowledge her popularity like the other actresses. No, she’s a conservative so she must be taken down a peg. None of the other actresses’ blurbs said anything about their politics, but for Dash they wrote:

Her conservative, clueless political slant sparked controversy time after time this year, making Dash notoriously trendy for all the wrong reasons.

They didn’t consider that perhaps she’s trendy because a lot of people admire her courage to stand by her principles despite the hate and resentment she gets.

It’s no surprise that Ebony was shallow and politically intolerant though. Twitchy readers are sure to remember Ebony’s treatment of RNC staffer Raffi Williams. For some people it’s just not ok for blacks to be conservative.  Stacey laughed off their snide jabs though.

Sure seems like it.