Of course they have. The Republican leadership’s plan is always wait until later to come up with a plan. So they tend to get miffed when someone has the audacity to actually try to do what he campaigned on. For those on the side of GOP dinosaurs it seems “strategy” is a synonym for “politics as usual.”

Does the old guard in the GOP have a side that isn’t blind?

When the “products” are executive amnesty and Obamacare, “counterproductive” is not a bad thing.

The talking point about nominees presumes the Republicans would actually block President Obama’s nominees if they forced them into the next session. Is that really a given?

Naturally establishment apologists eagerly fell in line with the “fight later” team.

Messed what up?

There’s that hackneyed marketing slogan for the status quo again: Cruz is only in it for the money! Also, “counterproductive” makes another appearance.

And sometimes coaches need to get fired and quarterbacks need to get benched before a team starts winning.



Cruz vote on executive amnesty fails 22–74; Graham blames Cruz’s ‘missteps’ for confirmations