Reporter for The Atlantic Jeffrey Goldberg seems to end up with his foot in his mouth rather often on Twitter. You may remember him trying to weasel out of it after he was criticized for tweeting a picture of a burqa clad, gun wielding woman, saying it made him “think of Sarah Palin, for some reason” or his infamous article where a “senior administration official” calls Bibi Netanyahu a “chickenshit.”

Now Goldberg has quietly deleted a tweet heaping praise upon Rolling Stone and writer Sabrina Erdely for “superb reporting” on the UVA gang rape story that has now been shown to be quite the opposite of “superb.” Some vigilant tweeters spotted it and busted him.

Goldberg wasn’t the only reporter to delete their kudos for the rapidly unraveling piece of fiction “narrative journalism.”

Jeffrey at least had the guts to admit he regretted the tweet.

A lot of people still thought it seemed a little “chickenshit” to quietly delete the tweet without providing some sort of statement or retraction. It really makes one wonder about the man’s journalistic integrity.



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